Nunes Farms Almonds

{JUNE, 2015}

[Raw Vs. Roasted]

At Nunes Farms we DRY ROAST all of our almonds in our specialized roaster at our ranch.  We believe dry roasting helps to preserve the integrity of the almond and keep the delicious flavor intact as well as sustain a longer shelf life.  Not to mention, it's healthier for you! 

But, the question remains, which is better, raw or roasted almonds?

Ounce for ounce, raw almonds are nutritionally comparable to plain, dry roasted almonds. 
The nutritional profile of almonds roasted in dry heat without additional ingredients is very similar to that of the raw nut.  Both versions contain healthy fats that help reduce bad cholesterol levels, helping with blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy.

One ounce of raw almonds, or approximately 23 whole almonds, provides 163 calories, just over 6 grams of protein and one ounce of plain, dry roasted almonds provides 169 calories, just under 6 grams of protein.  

With nearly identical nutritional profiles, the differences really just come down to flavor. 
Raw almonds are delicious and have the traditional almond taste as opposed to the roasted or cooked flavor of roasted nuts. Raw almonds do not have the intense taste of roasted almonds.  Roasted almonds are a bit crunchier and have a less chewy texture than its raw counterpart. It really all comes down to a matter of preference!  Our personal favorite?  Both!

"enjoy the taste of eating right"
[with nunes farms' delicious almonds]

Nunes Farms Ranch trees during harvest season


Treat Yourself

Delight in the difference of Nunes Farms’ homegrown nuts and handmade confections. With your first taste, you will experience the quality and freshness that we pride ourselves on here at the ranch. Then, sit back and take your time to savor the variety of flavors that we’ve created just for you. Naturally good for you and delicious too, our almonds might just be the perfect food!

We're farmers. We're family.

Taste the Harvest!

Healthy Eating Tip

Remember to keep Nunes Farms freshly roasted almonds on hand for a quick-and-easy snack during your busy day!  The calcium and protein-rich treat will satisfy your hunger and keep you fuller, longer.


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Nunes Farms Almonds
Nunes Farms Almonds  
Nunes Farms Almonds Nunes Farms Almonds